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Mental Health and Wellness Resources

With suicidal ideation and deaths by suicide on the rise locally, nationally, and globally, this is a reminder suicide is preventable and there is help. Our goal is to send our students into the 3-week break with resources and information that may be lifesaving. 
As we enter the second wave of the pandemic, some of our students may be struggling. Students thought they had managed the last nine months, but now they are presented with more uncertainty, restrictions, and limitations for socialization, learning, and physical activity – all factors that promote resilience. In this next phase of the holiday season, connection and collaboration are key for our students, especially those we might be concerned about or those who are exhibiting warning signs. 
Here are some tips for what you can do if you are concerned about someone: 
· Arrange to have an individual conversation or refer the student to the administrator or school-site crisis team member as soon as practically possible. 
· If they say they are considering suicide, take them seriously and get help. 
· Check-in by asking: How are you? Are you ok? Do you need help?
 · Reach out to your administrator/designee or a school-site crisis team member for support. 
· Share the attached infographic with them.
 · Read the attached handout Suicide Prevention and Awareness for Staff, for information about warning signs and risk factors. 
Remember, supporting students at risk is a team effort. 
Below are other available resources:
· LAUSD Student and Family Wellness Hotline at 213.241.3840 Monday through Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. To speak with a mental health clinician for consultation and support, press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
· School Mental Health Suicide Prevention, for staff and parents/caregivers
· Local District School Mental Health Team for training and additional support.